History of Freemasonry in Newark

Freemasonry as we know it today, was established in 1717 but it was some 73 years after this that the first lodge in Newark was established in 1790. This was the first Corinthian Lodge 347 which met at the Wing Tavern, part of Newark’s old Town Hall, for its first four years before moving to the Ram Inn on Castle Gate. This lodge ceased to exist in 1833 and was erased from the records of the Grand Lodge in 1851.


Newark was without Freemasonry in the town until some 25 years later, in 1877, when Newton Lodge 1661 was consecrated. It first met in Newark Town Hall before moving to what was the Newark Savings Bank in Lombard Street (now an employment agency) and then to a room above what is now Porters shop at the corner of Bridge Street and the Market Place. 

Magnus Lodge 3441 was to follow in 1910 and met in Newark Town Hall until 1976. It was not until some 84 years following the demise of the first Corinthian Lodge that a new one with that name, but with the number 5528, was consecrated in April 1935.

In 1939, with its opening delayed with the start of World War Two, the headquarters of Newark Freemasonry moved to its present venue at The Avenue, Newark. The building is run by the Newark Masonic Hall Co Ltd comprising a director from the four Craft Lodges in the town plus one each from the various side degrees that meet there, 13 in total.

The popularity of Freemasonry in the town was such that in June 1970 the Newark Lodge 8332 was consecrated followed by the St John’s Lodge 8972 in December 1980.

Other Masonic Orders that meet at The Avenue include Royal Arch Chapters, Royal Ark Mariners, Mark Master Masons, Rose Croix Chapters and Pilgrim Preceptory.


History of the Original
Corinthian Lodge No 561

W Bro Ady Crampton has kindly digitised a book charting the history of the Corinthian Lodge No 56, which existed from 1790 to approximately 1834.

The book was written by WBro H.W. Mace (P.M. 1661, 3595 P.A.G.D.C. P.Z. 1661 P.G.StdB) and has resided only in our museum until now.

We hope this will be of interest to members of the current Corinthian lodge No 5528, as well as other Newark masons and future masons.

See below for an audio version of this history, read by the author.

History of the Newton Lodge No 1661

W Bro Ady Crampton has kindly digitised a book charting the first 100 years of the Newton lodge and Masonry in Newark. 

The book was written compiled  by By L. H. HORDLE 
"It is my hope that in a hundred years from now, some Brother as yet unborn will derive as much pleasure and interest in delving through the Lodge records for the second century as I have found in the first."

We hope this will be of interest to members of the current Newton lodge, as well as other Newark masons and future masons.

View and Download 100 years of Newton lodge

The Magnus Lodge No 3441 looks at the past 100 years

WBro Philip IngalI P.Pr.S.G.W. takes us through the last 100 years of Magnus lodge.

"Suffice it to say that Magnus, although a relatively small Lodge has, over its hundred years, been a happy Lodge. It has played its part in the Province and has produced some outstanding Masons during that century of existence. Over that century of time the face of Freemasonry has changed radically and, under the influence of our current Grand Master, it has become a more open society which, although still cherishing its unique proceedings, is one that the members can now be proud to admit they belong and to embrace the slogan "A Force for Good"

View and download history of Magnus lodge